1》 the liquid which forms the seas, lakes, rivers, and rain and is the basis of the fluids of living organisms. [Chemical formula: H2O.]
    ↘one of the four elements in ancient and medieval philosophy and in astrology.
    ↘(waters) the water of a mineral spring as used medicinally.
    ↘a solution of a specified substance in water: ammonia water.
    ↘(waters) amniotic fluid, especially as discharged shortly before birth.
2》 (the water) a stretch of water, such as a river, sea, or lake.
    ↘the surface of this.
    ↘[as modifier] found in, on, or near the water.
    ↘(waters) an area of sea regarded as under the jurisdiction of a particular country.
3》 the quality of transparency and brilliance shown by a diamond or other gem.
4》 Finance capital stock which represents a book value greater than the true assets of a company.
1》 pour water over (a plant or an area of ground).
    ↘give a drink of water to (an animal).
    ↘take a fresh supply of water on board (a ship or steam train).
2》 (of the eyes or mouth) produce tears or saliva.
3》 dilute (a drink, typically an alcoholic one) with water.
    ↘(water something down) make something less forceful or controversial by changing or leaving out certain details.
4》 (of a river) flow through (an area).
5》 Finance increase (a company's debt, or nominal capital) by the issue of new shares without a corresponding addition to assets.
like water in great quantities.
make water
1》 urinate.
2》 (of a ship or boat) take in water through a leak.
of the first water
1》 (of a diamond or pearl) of the greatest brilliance and transparency.
2》 referring to a person or thing unsurpassed of their kind: she was a bore of the first water.
under water submerged; flooded.
the water of life whisky.
water on the brain informal hydrocephalus.
water under the bridge (or N. Amer. water over the dam) past events that are over and done with.
waterer noun
waterless adjective
OE wæter (n.), wæterian (v.), of Gmc origin.

English new terms dictionary. 2014.

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, , , / (for drink), , , , / (as cloth, to give it an undulating or wavy appearance)

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